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Racing for real

Just think of it. Wouldn’t that be something? It would be so incredibly cool. I can’t even begin to describe how fantastic it would be to race for real, yet over the past weekend it’s changed from a very (and I mean very) remote chance to a possible future … :-D

Dad and I were talking about it last weekend when he was floored by his back problem and to be honest I didn’t take him a hundred percent serious as I suspected (or feared really) that the morphine was partially responsible for what he was talking about. I did like what he had to say though … ;-)

Later on however Stevie, who visited with my sister, asked me if what he heard was true. Was my dad going to donate the red MG to become a race car? That meant that dad had talked about it with them too, because I hadn’t mentioned it to either of them.

On Monday while dad was slowly becoming more mobile again we talked about it a bit longer and to my immense surprise and ultimate joy he wasn’t kidding: if I were to take it seriously and would commit to it for two hundred percent than he would actually allow me to race that MG!!

Describing the feeling is impossible, it really is. It’s more than a dream come true, it’s just so amazing to all of a sudden been given a chance to actually start working on getting both me and that MG ready to race.

This, together with the news that sweet little Eva was born, is simply the best news I ever got in my life. It’s fantastic!
So. Racing. Sounds expensive doesn’t it? Well, it is. Even for a class like the MG Competition races you still need a small bucket of cash to get (and keep) things going. It’s not very likely that us going into racing will ever earn us any money and paying for all of this ourselves is going to be really difficult, if not impossible.

But where does the money come from then? Well, that’s supposed to come in via sponsors mainly so in the near future I’ll be looking for people and companies that are willing to support me on the track for which in return they will get a sticker or logo on the car for example. Or on the shirts, overall, etc.

‘All’ we need to do now is make a whish list on which we’ll have to start writing down the bare necessities to go racing. For me this means getting a FIA license, decent race clothing and a far better physical condition than I have now. And for the car the list is just a little bit longer.

We’ll go and have a serious talk to Team Willems, which were so kind to take me for a ride at Assen a couple of weeks ago, and ask them exactly what we need to go racing. After that we’ll be able to go and make plans and see if we can somehow make this work.

Let’s hope we can. I’ll keep you posted on the progress, believe me. :-)

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  1. Stevie
    Sep 25, 2006 at 11:02

    Hey hey hey, go go go for it Bro !


  2. Sep 25, 2006 at 11:50

    Hehe, I’m going, I’m going!!


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