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Short update

First of all my apologies for the lack of updates over the past weeks, the only excuse I have (if needed) is that I have been busy moving. ‘Very’ busy moving even.

But the good news (yes, yes) is that last weekend Bas and I took care of getting the last load out of the apartment in Boxmeer and after getting half of that to the garbage dump and the other, good, half to the new home the physical part of the move is over.

Over. Done. Finished. And I’m so glad it is because it was getting pretty tiresome to be dragging stuff all over the place for the past couple of weeks, believe me.

Now ‘all’ that needs to be done is to do some final cleaning up in there and after that I’m completely gone from that apartment.

This doesn’t mean I’m completely finished then, because all I’ve done so far is move stuff from one place to another but I didn’t have the time yet to put everything where I want it to end up so that’ll be part two of the whole operation.

But that’s by far the nicer part, in every way possible. As I’ve come to discover it’s actually quite a lot of fun to put stuff all over the place, specially when I’m walking into so much more room to maneuver. It’s just awesome.

Speaking of walking … In my old apartment I walked in, took about six steps and was at the end of it. Maybe also took a couple to the left and right and that basically covered the whole place.

Now when I’m in the living room and want to get something from the bedroom it’s a three mile hike … okay, maybe a little less but I need to walk through my to-be computer room, go up the stairs, across the hallway and then I’m in the bedroom.

If I do that for a couple of weeks I’m practically ready to do a marathon :-)

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