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New address

Apart from myself (and all my stuff) moving from one place to another, one of the more important things for me to take with me was of course my internet connection.

So about five weeks ago I started filling out all the necessary forms to make sure that everything would go super smoothly.

On my telephone company’s website they stated that if I arranged the move right there, they would also arrange for my internet connection to be moved. It just couldn’t be easier.

So I filled out their form and after a few days I already got the first slightly worrying letter: due to some technical difficulties we’re not sure yet if you are going to be able to use your phone line on the first of November. Great …

However, as time would tell, this would turn out to be the least concerning message I’d get … All of you going uh-oh right now … you’re right.

In their (probably automated) email the guys from Orange/Wanadoo (read: first class liars) said that they got the order for the move and they thought I’d be able to use my internet again from November first. Well, think again Sherlock!

At November second I got the confirmation from the phone company that my telephone line was moved, including the ADSL backbone so it should all work. And they were right; everything did work, or at least everything they could manage.

My phone was working again, my modem detected the ADSL signal and it could log into my provider. At that moment I noticed the first awkward thing; I still had my ‘old’ IP address.

Sure, I’d love to keep that because that would mean that I didn’t have to change anything at all, but when I didn’t get any internet across the line I knew that something had probably gone terribly wrong.

And it did. We, dad and I have the very same problem unfortunately, phoned up the helpdesk and tried to get a hold of someone who could tell us what was wrong and how long it would take to fix it. That proved to be almost a bigger problem than the one we have with our internet connection itself …

What a bunch of retards they have working over there, I tell you if they were working here at Philips they wouldn’t last a week.

One told us that he could see the phone company had delivered the ADSL part and that everything should work from the third of November. Another one said that the first one sometimes ‘just tells things’ and that there was no way that it would work ‘that soon’. The next spend more time asking and repeating my questions to a colleague of his, that one cost me a small fortune …

The last one I talked to finally made some sense, but still could only tell me that giving out a new IP address (because that’s what we’ve been waiting for all this time) usually takes up to one week …

So here we are. I’ve moved November first, yet up to today (that’s almost ten days later) there’s still no internet. I’ve given up hope a little bit and refuse to spend more money calling them asking when the h*ll they’ll finally fix my internet connection.

As soon as it’s back though … I’ll start my own campaign in making sure letting them know just what a sad bunch of people they are. And I’m seriously considering changing providers because the way they handled this is just unacceptable.

To be continued.

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  1. Nov 12, 2006 at 1:02

    Wat lees ik nou? Verhuisd? Waarheen? ben je er nu eindelijk uitgebarsten?
    Wat een gruwel om te lezen hoe de ‘verhuizing’ van je Adsl etc. ging, en dan ben jij nog een held in het vak.Ik moet er niet aan denken wat mij straks te wachten staat….
    Maar erg verrassend is het niet: ik heb nog nooit gehoord dat het bij iemand gladjes is verlopen, wat een ellende. Hopelijk sta je er nu beter voor.
    In ieder geval gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe huis!
    Ik kwam toevallig je webadres tegen bij het opschonen van mijn pc. De oude is uiteindelijk overvol–> overgelopen en er was geen heen of terug meer mogelijk. Wat een herejee.
    Dag, ik ga binnenkort je moeder wel even raadplegen om nieuws!
    Groeten van

  2. Nov 13, 2006 at 15:12

    Ja, ik ben verhuisd. Helemaal over, alles is er nu. :-)
    Ik moet inderdaad nog even snel een ‘officieel’ verhuisbericht rondmailen, wat niet kon door het niet werken van internet (aaaargh!!!), maar ik ben dus terug gegaan naar het adres waar ik tien en half jaar geleden vandaan gekomen was … ;-)
    En je hoeft je geen zorgen te maken over je eigen verhuizing hoor, je kan nog zo’n held zijn, als de andere kant van de lijn niet (mee)werkt doe je helemaal niks meer. Dan wordt het gewoon afwachten.
    Groetjes terug.

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