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Anyone who has seen the amazing science fiction series Firefly and the accompanying movie Serenity will know what this term means: everything is fine. Shiny.

Last Friday evening I, once again, rebooted my modem and hoped for a new IP address but unfortunately it was still the same so no internet. The whole thing took so much energy already that I didn’t even care and threw a DvD in the player to watch a movie. Ha! That’ll teach ‘m …

Saturday morning however I had dome some work on my dads customer database and thought that it would have been awfully convenient had I been able to mail him that database for him to have a look.

So without really thinking I again rebooted the modem and continued my work. You can imagine my surprise to discover a brand new IP address waiting for me when I looked to see what (or if) happened.

But here’s the nifty bit: I still haven’t heard from my provider. At all. Nobody has called, no email asking me if all is working as expected (yeah laugh it up, they do such things), nothing, nada, zilch.

Right now I’m slightly concerned and wondering if they actually know someone fixed it or that somewhere in their system there is still some ticket residing that states that my internet is down and that it needs to be fixed pronto.

I can only hope that they do know it’s alright again and no one changes anything at their end because it’s working like a charm again and I wouldn’t want to miss it again. Not for a week, a day or even five freaking minutes.

Never again.

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