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Happy birthday to … me :-)

Oh well, let’s not make too big a deal out of it: yes, I’ve turned thirty five today which means that I’m now, not unlike many people I know, officially on my way to forty.

Trust me folks, this whole forty thing is perfectly okay with me, a few of my best friends are even a little further on their way or even past that and are still in good working order … at least most of the time … ;-)

Besides, I guess we’ve now come to an age where that doesn’t really matter anymore. When I turned thirty my family took that as a milestone and arranged one of the better birthday parties I’ve had so far. While it was going on I was very frustrated, even a little angry maybe, that they had thrown that surprise party for me but later on I came to realize just how incredibly special that one day had been.

But, to be honest, since that party I have gone back to the way I usually celebrate my birthdays: not. Or very simple at most. This year is again going to be a bit different though.

As soon my move from Boxmeer to Katwijk was known among the family they told me that there was no way I’d skip my birthday this year and that they would all come to visit me this time as a couple of them hadn’t been to my place in years and others, well, hadn’t been there at all.

So here’s the plan so far: Bas is coming over tonight and we’ll have a movie evening probably, which is a perfect way to have a birthday for as far as I’m concerned. Mom and Hans are coming over Saturday, as are my sister with Stefan and Eva, and dad and Margot. Yes, that’s a lot of people coming over all at once, or at least to me that’s a lot.

But the best is yet to come as on Saturday evening everybody is going home again except for one special little person: my niece Eva is staying over for the weekend!

I can’t even begin to tell you people how much I’ve been looking forward to this day, it’s just so incredibly cool that my sister and Stefan are trusting me enough to look after their sweet little daughter for more than a couple of hours. It’s going to be such a wonderful time I’m sure. Even though the ‘official’ part of my birthday has yet to begin I can’t hardly wait until it’s Saturday, for obvious reasons.

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