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Eva is here!

Right now she’s doing her very best to play ‘sleeping beauty’ and you know what? She’s doing a fine job. :-) This also gives me time to write up the ‘report’ of today’s happenings. When she’s around you don’t have, nor want to take the time to do so.

When my sister, Stefan and Eva came over this afternoon it was a bit confusing for the little girl (Eva ;-). Here she was, in a house she knew reasonably well but the contents had changed somewhat.

No dogs, no chickens outside and huge birdcage in the living room which had also been rearranged a bit. So what happened out here? Well, we explained as she walked in, grandpa (my dad) has moved out and uncle Biek has moved in.

Ah, okay. That makes sense. She seemed to store that piece of info in her head right away and didn’t seem to give it any more thought. Got to love the simple way children can cope with all kinds of things at young age already. Grandpa moved out, uncle moved in. Ok, easy. :-)

The rest of the afternoon Eva played around a bit, or at least tried to, but with grandpa/my dad around there isn’t a dull moment around. ;-) So when she went to bed she slept like a baby, and I mean that literally. Just when we had put Eva to bed mom and Hans came in and before she woke up again dad and Margot had left.

This was again a bit confusing for the little girl. What happened now? While Eva was sleeping grandpa and grandma Vianen had snuck out and grandpa and grandma Vught had quietly come in.

Hmm. Still a bit sleepy she didn’t immediately trust all these new faces, but after she woke up a bit more she was her happy self again and a joy to be around.

In the evening, just before diner, my sister and Stefan left for their home and Eva was sitting on my arm quite happily waving them both goodbye. Not in the least bit worried that this was possibly not okay. After they left we played around a bit, built a nice big locomotive from her Lego blocks and then it was diner time.

Have no illusions that you can actually make diner all by yourself. There’s just no way she’ll let you. She may be ‘just’ a year and a half old now but when she gets the notion of you making your move to the kitchen she’s up in an instant and ready to go with you. If there’s one thing she likes it’s helping out, sometimes to the point where it’s gets tricky to let her.

So what we’ll do is sit her on the sink and let her press a button or two, hold the bag with the pasta, things like that. And if you let her do that she’s just one satisfied little princess.

Once I made the ‘beginners mistake’ of getting her out of bed and taking her downstairs on my arm without letting her turn off the lights upstairs herself. Oh boy … ‘Eva, lights! Eva, lights!’ ‘Oh, those will turn off automatically my dear …’ Judging from her frown up to the lights I’m not sure she fully believed me but I think I was just convincing enough. Pfew. :-)

Anyway, after diner we didn’t spend much time playing anymore as she was pretty tired from a long day with the family so I put her to bed about twenty minutes ago and she’s been sleeping for ten to fifteen minutes now.

I can’t wait for tomorrow … :-)

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