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The IFO needed its maintenance date with the dealers really bad so yesterday afternoon I finally took my trusty VW to the garage. The guy taking it in shook his head a bit while he wondered around the car. ‘Man, this one needs it badly’ was all he said but his face told the rest of the story. He was hurting inside.

The other guy at the desk handed me out the replacement car with a look that strongly reminded me of that scene in that movie The Mask where Stanley comes to visit the garage to pick his Honda Civic only to be told that the brake drums are shot and his transmission needs replacing.

He then tells them he really needs a car that night on which the mechanic shouts to the back ‘Yo Irv!’ Irv comes up from inside a car ‘Yo!’ ‘Bring around … the loaner …’ ‘The loaner?’ Irv asks in disbelieve. ‘The loaner.’

Stanley then drives off in a car of which they are certain he’ll return when is own car is ready. And it’s the same with the loaner I got now. So far I haven’t been able to find out why in Gods name the speedometer goes all the way to two hundred and twenty kilometers an hour because it takes more time going from zero to fifty kilometers an hour than my IFO takes to go from a hundred to a hundred and sixty.

The dash is funny looking (and I do mean that in a nice sense of the way), a bit playful even, but the rest of the car could have been made from that cheap Fiat plastic. You know, what they used to build those Panda’s from.

Oh, by the way, it’s a VW Fox 1.2 on regular gas. The Fox is no longer the Polo in a certain edition, but a whole new car. When accelerating it sounds like it really wants to move but it … actually doesn’t. The doors open and close with a worrying crackle and just getting the key in the passenger door lock is a tough task. Other than that it’s fine I guess, but I’m sure glad to return it tonight and get the IFO back.

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