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Yeah baby … sitter

Last night I had a big date with my little niece again and it was fun. First of all it was the first time I got to pick her up from the day care center and together with Stevie the three of us walked home.

Then at diner we had lovely pancakes which are always a treat of course. It’s astounding how much she eats by the way, she’s almost like a bottomless pit. On the other hand who am I to talk about things like that, I’m know to sometimes stowing away for about four persons worth of good pasta on a evening so … I guess it runs in the family :-)

After diner she played around a bit while I cleaned up the war zone my sister and Stevie call ‘home’ (*grin*) and then it was time to go to bed for the little kiddo. This went as smooth as silk. First I discussed with her what we were going to do and in which order and then we carried it out exactly according to the plan. Clean as a whistle, no problems whatsoever. I did notice some jealous looks when I later told this to the returned parents, but hey, I’m uncle Biek so … ;-)

After she went to bed I put on a video (yes, the black plastic cassettes they used to sell movies on) in the VCR and began the movie Bas had recorded for me: 1941 with John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd among others. When Stevie and my sis came home I was about a third into the movie and I’m going to watch it again soon. It’s a hilarious movie, if you’re into a little slapstick humor. And lucky for me: I am!

My sister went to bed a little early, well for me anyway, and I talked a little with Stevie before going home too. That was a nice evening.

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