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You’ve probably heard it before too, kids who have a tough childhood grow up to be the toughest, meanest sob’s around and I guess to some extent this is true. Makes me think of that Johnny Cash song ‘a boy named Sue’ by the way … ;-)

The reason why I’m brining this up is because I’m having a little one at home too and that small creature simply must have a incredibly high level of ‘nothing gets me down’ inside. It’s just amazing to see him climbing and flying around again, almost like nothing happened.

Obviously I’m referring to my bird Zippo, who definitely suffered some sort of breakdown last week but seems to be on the better side again and almost looks like his old self.

And this wasn’t the first serious event that happened to him. When he was removed from the block just a week or so he must have been stuck between a couple of bars in his home and when Margot found him both he and his home were covered in blood. She later said to be surprised how much blood is in such a small bird anyway. But he made it through, not giving in for one second.

But when I found him lying on the bottom of his home last week I feared that he might not make it, it looked terrible to say the least. When I touched him there was almost no movement, no sound, his right wing was folded back halfway in a very strange position and he didn’t seem to have control over his right claw either.

During this past week I’ve seen him come back from that state bit by bit, seemingly increasing each day. At first he was only using his beak and left claw to climb around a bit but now he’s using everything again, and looks to be quite happy doing so.

Yesterday while I was at home he sounded like he was just his old self again, making his usual happy chirping and little sounds. He also flew around a bit and is capable of landing in a normal way again. He’s going to be just fine, I just know it.

I tell you folks, it’s one tough sob, that little one.

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