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Old habits

Die hard, isn’t that what they always say? Well to some extent I have to agree. Take myself for example. Since my niece Eva was born I’ve made myself the promise to stop speeding as much as I used to.

Not that I was driving dangerously or recklessly but I’d hate to someday be known by her as uncle ‘speedy’ Biek. Since kids start out imitating everything everyone does I didn’t want to give her the impression that it was a good thing or normal to be speeding just about all the time. Not in real life anyway. I mean should I somehow get to the bottom of sim racing and finally make some large steps forward, I would be most pleased of course. ;-)

Now I didn’t break the speeding law all over the place to begin with, the only place where I would let my IFO ‘run free’ sometimes was on the highways where I have a much better overview and no hidden streets from the right so to speak. So whenever the front wheels of the IFO touched the highway asphalt I would just cruise along while waiting until the engine was on temperature and then gradually increase speed, often not even doing it on purpose. I just kept on going nicely until I had found a nice cruising speed and the more you get used to speed, the higher that comfy zone gets, specially in today’s cars which feel absolutely rock solid. Easy.

With my new ‘unction or roll, however, I had decided that it would be better for the common good to stop driving as fast as I, almost usually, did.

I have to be honest and tell you guys right away that this has probably been one of the more difficult decisions I’ve made lately as it brings a whole lot of extra troubles with it. Those vary from being fifteen minutes longer on my way to and from work, me getting really bored and sometimes even a bit sleepy in the car because it ‘feels so slow’, stuff like that. But in general I managed to keep to my promise and drive at a more sensible pace.

That was until Tuesday morning.

I’m running the early shift this week which means I need to be in the car before six am to be able to make it to work in time, but preferably a little earlier even like a quarter to six. With my troublesome period of the past half year in mind I’d like to invite you to try and imagine my irritation when I woke up at six that morning …

First of all, despite what some of you may think, I really, really hate being late for anything but when it’s about work I just can’t stand myself when it happens. The moment you wake up you know something is wrong, just know it. So you rush out of bed a little faster than is good for you, meaning (in my case) you’ll have a sore back for the rest of the day. You skip the usual shaving ritual which makes you look like the average robber all day, it’s just bad.

And then there’s the getting to work in time bit, which all takes place in a black IFO. That morning I had already had lost all common sense even before I got into the car so as soon as I had left the city limits the speed started to increase slowly again. And a little bit more, and even another little bit more.

I realized what was happening when I drove the off ramp from the freeway still hearing the same song I did when I got on … For your information, that is normally a 15 minute drive but Zeppelin in the CD player made me fly across the highway in 8 minutes, with a couple of beats to spare. One would think that because of the past few months of relatively slow driving I would have had to get used to going fast again, but that didn’t happen. Nothing at all made me feel that something was different, I just stepped on it and loved it.

Whenever someone quits smoking (or quits it again) and tries to convince me in a conversation that they honestly couldn’t help starting again because ‘it just happened’ I never believed them and was instantly ready for telling them how weak they were. I might have to alter my way of dealing with them, it may not be that fair to be so harsh on them after all …

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