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Good weekend

Last week Bas mentioned that he thought it was about time we had ourselves a race weekend again, as it had been a while since our last one. I could only agree with him so last Saturday I started packing at around a quarter to five and made sure I could hit the streets after I closed the shop a couple of minutes passed five.

In the old days, before I moved to Katwijk, Bas and I had a non spoken deal that I would get to his house in Cuijk roughly somewhere between eight and twelve passed five, but now that I’m only a few minutes away our race weekend starts a lot earlier. Hey, it may be just a couple of minutes but each second counts when you’re doing something as great as a race weekend.

Over the weekend we did a lot of racing with the newly acquired 1979 Formula One mod for rFactor, had a shootout with the AI in GRAW and did some Silent Hunting to relax a bit in the evenings as well. All in all it was a good weekend again, and personally I wouldn’t mind having those on a more frequent basis again.

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