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A long, long time ago …

Ever feel like you’re really getting old? And I don’t mean the (almost) usual getting up in the morning troubles but rather the kind of feeling you get when you do or see something that you haven’t for a long time.

As you may or may not know I moved recently and came across stuff I hadn’t seen for ages . Seeing it again, however, beings back all sorts of great memories, like when I found all my Star Wars stuff again for example.

Last night I had a similar ‘wide smile’ experience when I was playing one of my first, and for me still coolest, adventure games I own again: Full Throttle. Guiding poor Ben (even though he remains very cool about everything) and his gang the Polecats through a bunch of problems was a lot of fun again. Having graphics that would make you cry nowadays didn’t matter much, the amount of fun in the game more than made up for it.

The reason why it made me feel (a little) old was that I read on the back of the CD case (yes I still have the original one :-) that this game origins from nineteen ninety five … that’s a whopping ten plus years ago … For once this proves that time flies especially fast when you’re having fun.

And if the game itself isn’t funny enough, you should see the system requirements: 486DX/33 MHz CPU, 8 MB RAM, 1 MB Hard disk space, 256 colour VGA, DOS 5.0. I think my first PDA already exceeded these specs easily. :-)

Come to think of it I might consider celebrating a decade of serious gaming any time soon! If that isn’t a good reason to party I don’t know what is.

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