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Had a good weekend

Boy I could get used to longer weekends like these, I really could. Very relaxing and very addictive.

It started with the usual Saturday work but since I’m living at the shop now all that takes to get started is a mere few steps down the stairs and I’m at work. Can’t help loving that idea; wake up, walk down; be at work. The idea has grown and been messing with my head for a few weeks now.

Anyway … let’s not get ahead of ourselves ;-)

After work was done I had the time to myself again so I fired up Silent Hunter and sailed my sub a few hundred miles in Japans general direction while surfing the net and messing with my forum a bit on the laptop. I will never have less than 2 computers I’m telling you, this is just way too convenient.

I have to admit that I’m a bit of a forum addict and can sit back and read stuff for hours on end. If I didn’t have to work for a living I bet this would be taking up most of my day, every day. It’s amazing to read what others have to say about just about everything. Can’t help loving that.

When the shop was closed I went over to Bas’ place with a car full of (my) hardware to have one of our famous race weekends again. And a race weekend it was, man we drove a huge bunch of miles together. A whole lot. Even with Test Drive which doesn’t even feature a LAN multiplayer option we drove a lot.

For those of you unfamiliar with Test Drive Unlimited, and for those who know it too of course, I have made a few small movies with that game, which I obviously like a lot. And that’s both the game and the movies of course ;-)

You’ll find them here:

Biek buys a Z06:

Biek gets a snake:

The first one is me driving my Chevy SSR to the dealers and trading it for a bit of muscle. The second is me going on a casual trip that gets a bit out of hand ;-) Enjoy!

For the moment I’ve had it a bit with Test Drive however, as Sunday evening my save game became corrupt for the fourth time which means I’ll have to start all over again. And I was just beginning to get back to the point where I was when the last one failed on me so I’m a bit frustrated with the game. Luckily I have plenty more driving games, one even since that very same Sunday evening.

I’m not sure how Bas and I found it but we were looking for small movies and found a game movie featuring a truck. A real truck, not one of those sissy European ones but one of those big US rigs that go from state to state without braking a sweat. Now I may like trucks a fair bit but Bas lives trucks so that movie got our full attention. That was somewhere around eleven pm and the beginning of a very long night. I think I was home at somewhere around four in the morning so … lots of fun.

And to make the long weekend complete my sister, Stevie and Eva unexpectedly visited me on Monday which was very nice. It had been a while since they came over and with my sister in the last stage of her pregnancy it’ll probably be a while before they come again. It was nice to have them and little Eva over again.

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