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Twice the fun!

As of today I’m now to be officially called Uncle Biek² as at 13:25 my second niece Sofie Bono, daughter of my sister and bro in law, was born in prefect health.

I was at work, just fetching coffee for the colleagues (again), when the phone rang and Stevie told me that another daughter of theirs had seen the light and was all okay. Just like the last time I was very happy I had chair close by. I’m just a sucker when it comes to things like these happening so close in the family.

After congratulating him and my sister I went on my way and drove up to the hospital they were in to have a first glance at the newly born. And at 48 centimeters long, weighing 3110 grams she was a stunning beauty to behold.



I’m so glad everything went as smooth as it did, it’s hard to describe just how big a load was lifted from my shoulders when I heard she was born and everyone was doing fine. I didn’t sleep at all on the night from Monday on Tuesday, even though nothing much could/should happen. It’s just that I get very nervous when something is ‘up’ with the family, just can’t take it very well.

The first pictures of Sofie have been uploaded to a brand new album at Uncle Biek²’s Visuals: The Sofie Bono Album (which, I’ll admit, has both a nice ring to it and features greatest hits only ;-)

I’ll probably sleep better tonight :-)

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