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Cool bird

Last night I had a little adventure with my two ounce bird Zippo as he ended up in uncharted area, both for him and myself.

As usual when I open his home he does a few insanely fast ‘laps’ around the room then lands on his home and goes back inside. As if he’s trying to prove he’s still got it.

Probably due to the fact that he’s had a terrible start of this life he’s stamina isn’t that great so when he continues to fly laps he simply gets tired, looses altitude and will, if he doesn’t reach a place he knows he can land on, end up on the ground where he’ll catch his breath for a minute and move on. So far so good, both he and I are used to that procedure. :-)

Last night however he was flying around me while I was making diner (sometimes I think he loves pasta just as much as I do) and flew around for quite a while. Since I was a little late with diner the problem was that it was getting darker and Zippo just can’t see very well in electric lit areas.

So what does a little bird like that do when he’s loosing visual? Correct, he goes up. Way up, Birdseye view :-) I may have more space since moving but the ceiling still isn’t all that high so while trying to find a place to land on he was getting tired again and, you guessed it, started his involuntary descend.

Now Zippo has been in a strange place or two since I’ve got him. He’s been under couches, on top of and inside the kitchen cupboards, in the sink, behind the TV, between the plants, you name it he’s been there. As of last night we now have a new location he’s visited: behind the fridge.

Yeah, that’s right: I said fridge. I saw him soar by and when I realized where he was heading I was too late catching him. So he crash landed behind the fridge. Luckily the front of my fridge at floor level has an opening so lying flat on my stomach I could see him sitting beneath the machine on the ground, looking around a bit.

When I tell you that Zippo isn’t scared of anything I mean exactly that. No matter what happens around him he just tilts that little head of his and assesses the situation before making any sudden moves. I whish I could do that sometimes.

And there he was, new territory, new outlook, new view and a definitely lower ceiling than usual. I think that was what he was wondering about most: not having much room to take off. Then he spotted me looking at him. Finally something he recognized :-)

He was sitting on one of the sports that run underneath my fridge and had a little trouble stepping off as he couldn’t see very well what was beneath him. For all he knew he might have been hovering over who knows what. But then he took the big step, walked toward me, climbed from under the fridge and flew to his home again acting as if nothing happened.

He never fails to amaze me that little one, it was good to have him back. :-)

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