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The 24 hours of Le Mans

‘This has got to be the best Le Mans ever’ is something you’ll usually hear from someone just returning from this awesome event but when it was all done and over with yesterday afternoon those were my exact thoughts.

I’ve been following this event for many years now and since being there hasn’t been possible yet I’m doing this from my home. Usually this meant I was reliant on the scarce hours that were aired on Dutch TV. But not any more.

Last year I already saw more than ever since the entire event was broadcasted live on the internet (though that might have been slightly less legal than, you know, legal ;-) and after asking my friend Google for a new stream we could enjoy the direct stream from Speed TV which were broadcasting a good nineteen hours of the event.

Add to that the online chat I had going with a friend in the US and Bas, the broadcasts on Dutch TV and live standings we had running and you may be able to understand why my weekend was a very tiresome one but absolutely great nonetheless.

I had planned to watch the whole thing non-stop but at around a quarter to four in the morning I just about fell off my chair so I simply had to turn in for a few hours of sleep. I missed about four and a half hours of the race while I was sleeping and when I came back again a lot had happened. As usual. Everything happens when I’m not looking.

Still this was the very best Le Mans ever, but I’m hoping that next year I can improve on that experience by actually being there. Hey, one can dream … :-)

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