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Vacation time

The seventh of the seventh of two thousand and seven. Great date, in more than one perspective :-)

Today is the first day of my official vacation and next Monday I’m going on a week trip with my sister, Stevie en the two nieces. I’m exited to find out how life is with all of them around but I’m sure it’ll be a nice time. As a precaution I took the following week off too so should things get a little heavy next week I’ll at least have one extra week to recover. ;-)

To be honest, vacation isn’t something I’m all that used to. I’m more the occasional day off kind of person. Taking a whole week off, let alone 2 weeks, is a rare occasion for me as all I normally do is stay at home and live life online for that period. Not this upcoming week though as I understood that internet is a big ‘no-no’ and the idea of taking the laptop with me wasn’t received all that great.

So I’ll just leave all the electronics at home and make my vacation report the old fashion way: in writing, on paper. As it seems the material we used to build planes from as a kid is also very usable for writing on … Who would have thought … ;-)

See you in about a week folks, whish me luck. I think I could use a tiny little of it … ;-)

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