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Day 2 – Relaxing

Even though this bed is quite different to the one I got at home I slept reasonably well last night, in contrast to Karlijn and Stevie as I learned later on. Apparently little Eva had trouble sleeping and had been over and back to their bed a few times during the night.

When we all had breakfast we made a plan for the day which featured two main events; shopping for the necessary groceries and a visit to the swimming pool. Since just everyone I know had been reminding me to bring my swimming gear (that’s seven people in total, apart from Stefan and my sister) there was no escaping the event so Eva, Stevie and myself went swimming while Karlijn fed Sofie and would then to shopping. It seemed like a fair trade at the time … ;-)

Swimming went ok, I still know how to keep myself afloat, only (almost) lost my glasses once and Eva seemed to have a really good time, most of the time, which was of course the general idea.

This park also has a number of nice things to do for the kids and the playground outside has a large permanent opened air cushion you can bounce around on. Eva wanted to try this very much so in the afternoon this was our second endeavor of the day. The visit was cut short by the ever threatening but never serious rain but Eva really loved it. We’ll return here over the course of this week for sure.

Poor Sofie has had a few bad days so far. She’s been having a bit of a cold and keeps on coughing up a bit of slime, sometimes combined with a bit of her lunch. When she’s having one of those coughs you have to feel for the little one, it’s sad to see her go at it like that. I really hope she’ll recover from it very soon.

In the evening we had a nice BBQ for diner which unfortunately had my stomach acting up badly. At times when I eat stuff that is a bit more greasy then usual my stomach just can’t cope with it. Where under normal circumstances my body already takes a rather short time to ‘deal with the food’, in extra greasy circumstances the food just seems to drop right through me and has me running for the toilet almost directly after diner. This is both very inconvenient bad mannered as well. I’m just not very used to that kind of food, that’s all.

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