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Day 3 – Silence

When I woke up this morning my worst fear came true: my ears were blocked. Thankfully my left ear popped open almost right away but the right one was shut and as I’m writing this (eleven in the evening) still is. It has happened before and has something to do with water getting inside my ear. Last time it happened after taking a shower, this time it’s the swimming pool that cost me my hearing. Apart from now not hearing anything with my right ear, it’s rustling and thumping all day long which is driving me a little nuts.

So with that in mind the day started out in a less than pleasant fashion as you can imagine. Being half deaf means that it’s very hard to filter sounds apart from one another and determining where a certain sounds comes from is almost impossible. The loudest or most constant sound fills my head and overrules the others. Very irritating.

After breakfast we ‘packed up’ the nieces and went over to the village of Elburg where we thought would be festivities going on during this month. As it turned out these were only planned for certain days and today wasn’t one of them. No real harm done, as it turned out to be a nice little village with lots of old houses and a harbor with sail and fishing boats . While we were inside a tavern enjoying some hot chocolate and apple pie the town got passed by another shower (which we’ve had every day so far) but it was gone by the time we came out again. Perfect timing.

After we walked through the town some more we head back to the car and packed up everyone again. Two nieces, Karlijn, Stevie and myself made even the Accord they drive a bit cramped but we all fitted just good enough to get from A to B. When we got to ‘B’, which was the park, we had two sleeping beauties in the back seat. One on each side of Stevie, lucky dad that he is.

After we got back to the house and unpacked the car I went for a quick lie down to keep my ear warm and make a bit up for lost sleep. This worked to some extend; I did sleep a few hours but my ear was still shut. Since I needed the sleep anyway that was the good part, having one deaf ear is very tiring. Meanwhile Karlijn and Eva had gone swimming again for about two and a half hours so they too had a good time.

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