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Day 4 – Bad day at the office

Woke up with my ear still blocked, though less painful than the day before. If this progress continues I’ll be problem free before we’re home again which is definitely something to look forward to. The problem free part that is, I’m really enjoying this vacation.

We all went shopping this morning with Stevie, Sofie and me doing the actual shopping and sis took Eva to the kids corner of the main plaza. It features one of those multi climb play things, at which kids can go totally wild. Eva is just a little too small for most parts but what the lacks in height, she makes up for in pure perseverance and she went all over the thing, exploring all facets and possibilities of it. It’s not getting her into these things that’s a problem, it’s getting her back out … :-)

Little Eva was having a bit of a bad day today and seemed very tired of the past busy days. She didn’t want to do anything in one go, whether it was getting her socks and shoes on before going outside, or eating diner, nothing went without lots or protesting and talking her into things, which sometimes took for ages.

After shopping Karlijn, Eva and me went water cycling on the small lake that our park was featuring. This was great fun. We had Eva pick the vehicles color and red it was. This turned out to be the worst of the two but none of us could know that so that was just back luck. After sis and Eva were onboard I tied to push the thing onto the lake but it had buried itself in a sand bank so I had to get my feet wet and push it further up the lake before getting in. As soon as I entered the cycle I noticed that getting my feet wet would have been eminent anyway as my pedals were almost entirely submerged anyway so in the end it didn’t matter all that much. The water actually wasn’t even that cold anyway.

What did matter however was that the thing seemed to make water and I suspect it had already a lot inside it as pedaling the thing over the lake proved most difficult. We had rented it for fifty five minutes but were completely exhausted after twenty minutes already and the only thing keeping us going at that point was the fact that Stevie was filming us from the shore. :-) I’m sure I’ll feel this day in my legs and back for a few days to come. Still, it was very good fun to do.

The rest of the day consisted of just taking it easy around the house and doing nothing much in particular. At night we had a nice diner and watched a movie afterwards. I didn’t finish the movie since it had been an tiring day and my ear was killing me so I turned in early.

It was sad to see Eva having such a bad day. The poor kid couldn’t agree on anything and didn’t seem to want to do anything without a three page discussion. Very difficult and kudos to sis and Stevie for handling it so well. I love that little brat with all my heart but at times I have no clue how to deal with the situation. Specially when she mumbles a bit in a soft voice and answers ‘no’ to whatever you ask or tell her, leaving me clueless. Hopefully a good night sleep will recharge her for tomorrow when, if things go well and the weather works for us, we’ll go to the Dolfinarium. I’m sure she’ll love this as she’s very fond of animals.

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