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Day 5 – Fish are friends

All we did this morning was getting ready to go for our trip to the Dolfinarium at Harderwijk whis is a kind of Seaworld type of theme park, focusing mainly on (you guessed it :-) dolphins. I’ve been to this park once before but that was such a long time ago that the only reason I know I was there is because I heard that from my parents. I have no real memories of my own so this should be a good day to refresh that memory.

We had everything packed up in the car at around and a small hour later we turned onto the park’s parking lot. From there we walked (we followed the blue line that was painted on the pavement all the way from the parking lot to the park) the rest of the way to the park. Eva was in a very good mood and definitely looking forward to see the dolphins.

Upon arrival at the park we first grabbed a bite to eat and something to drink and then made a plan on how we would ‘do’ the park and which shows we would go and watch. First stop was the big dolphins show and I was completely blown away by this. I had Eva sitting on my lap and tried to explain to her what was going on the best I could but at times I had trouble keeping my voice under control from excitement. It was just amazing, what a spectacle to watch. Eva had a bit trouble catching all what was going on because of the sheer size of things and the dark setting of the show but seemed to like it very much.

Then we moved on to the various outdoor events the park has to offer and those were a lot better to catch on to by Eva. The sea lions, dolphins and play grounds were all great fun for both us and Eva. It’s good to see the little girl having a good time. That smile of hers is a catching one and I simply can’t see that enough.

The final part of the park we went to was again a very impressive one: a underwater bar. While enjoying our drinks we could see the dolphins swim from behind huge glass panels and see them catch air, come down, actually look at you and even playing around with the visitors a bit. In the adjacent basins were enormous sea lions ‘doing their thing’. That ‘thing’ was to swim passed the glass panels on their back, catch a bit of air, do a reversed back flip, and on their stomach and then swim passed again on the bottom of the basin to the other side. The easy with which the huge animals could move through the water was impressive and briefly made me think of my visit to the swimming pool earlier this week. ;-) With just a few moves of their ‘feet’ they floated by like they were weightless. Since the animals seemed to at piece while doing this routine it made it a joy to watch. I could have watched both them and the dolphins hours on end and I will most certainly return here one day, which will be a lot sooner than the last time I visited and now. :-)

After this we called it a day and went home were we got ourselves a stack of pizzas to go and had a true vacation meal at home to end a lovely day.

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