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Day 6 – Fun day

I overslept myself a bit this morning because I simply didn’t hear the alarm I set. The problem of temporarily having only one good ear is that when you sleep on it, the world goes silent. So at eight thirty I finally woke up an joined the family who assured me I hadn’t missed anything. :-)

Today was one of those ‘let’s take thing easy and see what happens’ kind of days. So while Stevie was watching the Tour de France I was getting my butt whooped by my sister at a board game.

Later on we did some shopping too, Eva went to a cookie baking event for kids and Stevie and I tried to do some PS/2 racing. Unfortunately a faulty controller messed up that plan. In the afternoon sis and I took Eva to pick up the cookies she baked and they were absolutely delicious!

During the afternoon I played a lot with Eva. She’s such a lovely kid to be and have around, I feel truly blessed being so close to her in general and over the passed week in particular. It’s bliss, absolute bliss.

In the evening Stevie and I took Eva to see a doctor because she was having irritating itches in her groin and bottom. He prescribed a paste which should help this get better soon and I hope it does. It’s been spoiling the little girl her fun at times.

To conclude another nice and relaxed day we had a pasta diner which are always a good idea of course. ;-)

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