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Day 7 – The grand finally

A bit of a dramatic title, I admit, but both the girls experienced a bit of a waterloo moment today. ;-)

In the morning sis, Eva and me went for a quick shopping run. While Karlijn got the items from the store, Eva conquered the climbing tower in the plaza again and again, gaining confidence with each step she took in there. For a two year old she is getting very mobile, very fast. It’s a truly amazing sight to watch her have a go at this climbing unit.

When she had enough we went to find her mom who had just finished shopping and we the three of us returned home again. When we got there Stevie was watching the Tour again and I got through a few pages of the Subsim almanac again. A lovely relaxed afternoon.

Around lunch time we all went for a picnic together. Stevie, sis, Eva, Sofie and me made our way to the small lake where sis and I so desperately tried to get that water-cycle to move. :-) Sofie slept through most of it but Eva had fun in the water with Karlijn. We actually had planned to rent one of those four person bicycles and drive around the terrain. Unfortunately there weren’t any left when Stevie went to get one so a picnic was organized instead.

We had pancakes for diner which are everyone’s just about favorite meal and the perfect way to finish a splendid vacation. Tomorrow will mainly consist of packing everything up and maybe go for a quick swim once more before we’ll go home again.

Sofie was restless and couldn’t sleep all that well in between meals. This could very well have been her personal warmest day ever and to not being able to explain things to her really bothers you at these moments. It’s no fun hearing her cry and not being able to talk to her about it. To me this must be the only downside of these small infants; the lack of communication one can have with them.

Eva on the other hand can be talked to but at times she had her off-moments and totally looses grip. It takes a lot of patience and huge skill to get her calm and acting radically again. In the evening, both Stevie and sis had a couple of turns in trying to get Eva to calm down and sleep and in the end she (Eva) finally did fell asleep.

Oh by the way, my ear has finally unblocked somewhat! It’s not opened up all the way yet but it’s a very good start. For someone like me who has a very good hearing it’s hell to loose the ability to listen with one ear. All notion of where a sound comes from fades away and it’s very disturbing. But it seems there is light at the end of this tunnel too. :-)

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