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I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong with my right arm / shoulder during the vacation but when I move it around there’s a muscle (or maybe a few, I’m no doctor) giving me serious distress signals. I must have sprang it somehow and it doesn’t feel all that great. All I did all week was run around with my two nieces taking turns on my ar …

It’s hurting me the most after about a half an hour of driving my car. Unfortunately the biggest problem now is that I’m at least one hour away from work, and in the afternoon I’m that same hour away from home.

Operating the odd gears is the most painful move I can make at the moment while the even ones are almost painless. So now I’m trying to use only three gears a bit: second, fourth and fifth. Poor IFO.

Hopefully the pain will leave the same way it came: by itself. I’m giving my arm as much rest as I can now and will see what that brings.

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