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Die Hard 4.0

Went to the cinema with Bas yesterday evening and watched a fifty plus year old Bruce Willis spark on the screen once more in his role as the almost indestructible bad ass cop John McClane.

I love these Die Hard movies. To me they have the almost perfect blend of great explosive action, a rather easy to follow and not too unbelievable story, a tag of humor along the line and of course that ‘yippie kay aye’ which usually means some bad guy is in for a really bad time.

And I think it’s fair to say that I just like to see Bruce on the screen. I can’t think of a single time where I thought ‘okay Bruce, you should have skipped this one’. Not even when he was popping up in a pink bunny suit every once and a while in one of Elijah Wood’s earliest movies North. ‘Who are you?’ ‘The Easter Bunny.’ You had to be there I guess. *grin*

This part four of the Die Hard series just has to be the very best yet and that is quite an achievement as it is not uncommon that sequels are pretty bad quick-cash kind of movies. Bas and I discussed this on the way home and agreed that while there are a number of good sequels and tri/quar-tels (yes yes, insanely bad spelling but you know what I mean :-) out there, in other cases the sequel only proves just how good the original actually was.

Not this time. The movie gives you a few minutes to settle in your cinema chair and then quickly makes sure that you stay put for the remainder of it by blowing you away with great action stuff.

Go see it, that’s an order. :-)

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  1. stevie
    Aug 6, 2007 at 10:05

    Order understood :) Shall we make a double date with your Sister? You get the change of watching Pirates 3 with her ;)

    And if you don’t wanna see Die Hard again we could also go to HP 5 or Shrek 3 etc etc… :)

  2. Aug 6, 2007 at 18:03

    Sure, count me in. I liked the third Pirates very much so watching it again is always a pleasure, specially in such good company. :-)

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