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Sleepless in … Katwijk

Bet you didn’t see that movie, did you? Well don’t worry, I’ll give you a short impression:

I hadn’t been playing snooker for a few weeks now so when Bas called me to ask if I had plans on going tonight I though that it was about time I got some practice going again and agreed.

We first had to pick up his bother Marcel who was coming too and Bas asked if it was a problem that Marcel had to be back home before midnight. Not at all, as I had planned on being in bed by then myself because of my early shift at work this week.

It’s good to be able to plan around the shifts I have, but making plans only matters when you stick to them … Long story short: I wasn’t home by midnight, not by a long shot.

In fact I wasn’t even home at one in the morning either but turned onto the promenade at home at fifteen passed one.

Dilemma time. I could either turn in asap and get me around three and a half hours of sleep before the alarm would sound or stay up, watch a movie and get an early start.

Knowing myself quite a bit I almost knew for certain that I would just sleep passed the alarm with ease and wake up hours after. Having gotten a serious request to arrive at work in time, this didn’t seem like the best of plans. So I stayed up.

In the old days I was more than capable of skipping nights every now and then. There have been times where I was either gaming a bit or just reading stuff on the net when I realized that it was getting light outside … But those days have passed and when I now get less then five hours of sleep I feel it in my body all day long. Wrecked is what describes it best I think and is how I feel right now.

Snooker itself went surprisingly well by the way. Not my best play ever but since Jaap couldn’t produce his best stuff either it was literally a roll of the dice who would take each frame. Whenever we were out of reds and started clearing up the colors we were relatively close in points and this was in my advantage five frames as opposed to just one I lost. Great score but like I said not really representative of our usual level which is much closer.

Anyway, tonight I’m turning in early and try to get a few hours of sleep back so I can function normally again tomorrow.

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