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Movie date with bro! :-)

On Sunday I first took in a few hours of sleep and then booted up my computers to start a data copy session. When all was running fine I fired up the home cinema and watched the fourth Harry Potter movie as a kind of refreshment course for the fifth part I was going to watch with Stevie at night.

This was an excellent idea (I think Stevie came up with it), since it had been a while since I saw the first parts and this helped greatly in picking up the storyline and getting all names and faces back in my memory.

When I was all set I went over to Wageningen again and I had good fun with Eva in the garden and playground behind the house, while trying to stay out of the sun as much as possible. Sometimes you simply have to make sacrifices and for Eva I’m happy to make even a few of those. Later on we did aboard game and had nice Chinese food for diner. After diner the getting the kids to bed cycle started after which Stevie and I went off to the movies again.

I really liked the fifth Potter to be honest, even though I’m not a hardcore fan like I suspect Stevie is. He and sis have read the books (more than once I think) so he must have missed a bit of the story since we were told that even though this was the movie of the thickest book, they had to cut the movie short to ‘please the visitors’. I can’t help wondering how not telling everything pleases the crowd, but who am I to judge.

Anyway, it was good entertainment but quite frankly it doesn’t really matter what movie I’m watching as I just love going to the cinema. Its big screen, great sound and the overall atmosphere makes me want to go over every day of the week.

Going twice in one weekend is just too good, specially when in such great company. Brilliant!

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