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Great weekend

This was another classic. On the calendar was a Formula One race and lots of sim racing so yesterday evening after five I packed everything up in the IFO and went over to Bas’ place for a race weekend. We hadn’t had one in a while now and decided that it was about time we’d revive a good habit.

On Saturday evening we took things a little bit easy after diner and a movie and just focused on getting all updates across both machines and on the racing server as well. We tried a few mods and add-on cars for our sims and had a bit of fun with the Porsche Supercup cars on the latest installment of the Nordschleife track, one of the most demanding and on the same time exiting tracks we have at our disposal today.

The race we did against rFactor’s AI turned out to be a pretty tough one and though we both should have been competitive we finished last and second last. But we had fun and that’s the most important thing.

The Sunday is always scheduled for getting a bit of sleep and then slowly, step by step, up the pace of the day a bit. We did lots of racing today and that resulted in both a lot of virtual miles that were covered as well as two physically slightly busted dudes. Those may be ‘just’ games but when played as serious as they are intended they take every bit of energy you can spare. And that’s part of why we love those games so much It’s awesome.

So. I hope your weekend was as good as ours and wish you a great week at work next week.

I’m off to bed now. Bye!

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