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Addicted to … coffee maybe?

Although the Saturday was a normal day in terms of headaches (you’ll be surprised how many levels of ‘normal’ there are :-), I woke up with one yesterday morning again. A small one, but it was there nonetheless and kept nagging around in my head all day. Nothing I did made it go away or even seemed to dampen a bit until … I had my first cup of coffee, later in the afternoon.

You see over the past few weeks I’ve been drinking less and less coffee and more tea instead, just to cut down on the coffee factor. Although it’s nice and black and keeps you awake and stuff, it’s not all that good to drink it in large quantities. Or so they tell me. And maybe that rather radical change (people who know my previous coffee habits will have an idea of how just radical) was a bit too much for my internal system, resulting in it strongly protesting with headaches.

I seem to recall someone telling me that there’s a small level of caffeine in my Panadol aspirins too so that’s probably the reason why they usually help pretty well with small headaches, whereas normal aspirins just don’t seem to do anything at all for me. Turns out I’m just a ordinary coffee junk, and those Panadol’s are my daily fix … Sounds pretty bad, doesn’t it.

When it comes to delivering caffeine to my system, however, no (healthy) amount of Panadol’s can match up to a large mug of coffee of course. And yesterday afternoon I had my first damping mug of extra dark roast in two days again. Even before I finished the cup, I felt my headache slowly fade away and that’s when it hit me; I simply need this stuff.

So what I’ll do from now on is try and cut down on coffee anyway, but not the cold turkey way I’ve been doing it last week. I’ll just need to do this a bit more gradually so my mind, body and the people around me can get used to it in a smoother way. :-)

So … how was your weekend? :-D

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  1. Stevie
    Sep 24, 2007 at 14:30

    Gradually, smoother sounds nice…
    Its true that cold turkey from any “drug” can give you lots inconviences. What I did to get rid off the coffee addiction is just that one good coffee every morning, afternoon and evening. Now I’m down to just two cups in the morning and once in a while in the evening

    Good luck, bro ;)

  2. Sep 24, 2007 at 16:51

    That’s basically what I did too. Just a cup in the morning and maybe a couple after I got home. Seems the shock of this change was too much ;-)

    You’ll have to keep in mind that I was drinking coffee throughout the entire day so I’ll need to find a less demanding schedule at first.

  3. Sep 24, 2007 at 22:35

    u see silly dutch habits :-) u should go chinese and than no issue w blacks :-)) if this is the real issue, iam glad you can fix it easy ;-) hope you won big time and u have beaten up all guys

  4. Sep 24, 2007 at 23:50

    I’m sure the coffee is the key, just need to find a nice and easy way to convince my head that ‘we’ don’t need if as much as we think I do. :-)

    Snooker was a mess, I screwed my frames up big time. If only I could have had one reasonably good frame. Snooker was a complete mess tonight and me loosing all frames was nothing less than deserved.

  5. Odiel
    Sep 26, 2007 at 15:50

    Heej Biek,

    You know you can buy caffeine-free coffepads? Maybe you can use them in the future. When you come to dinner with us you can try the taste of it. It’s not so bad really!!
    Big hug,

  6. Sep 26, 2007 at 17:21

    Well mom, I really appreciate the offer but I’ve tasted a few brands caffeine free pads before already and I’m really better off with a glass of water. That’s just not coffee like it’s supposed to. I don’t like drinking ‘almost coffee’ just to get rid of the so called bad part but rather switch drinks completely. When there’s a mug of coffee on my table it should be coffee, not just look like it. *grin*

    For now it’s better to just take the cut down a bit easy and allow ‘the internal me’ to get used to my change in coffee habits. :-)

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