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Nice begin of the weekend

Today was a lovely day. First of all I could sleep into it a bit since I had the entire day off and that was timed pretty well since I woke up with a headache again and this way I could take a few aspirins and dive back to bed, sleep it off. That worked pretty well.

After I got up I worked on dad’s website a little bit and then left home for the nice town of Oisterwijk where my mom and her husband were having a birthday, marriage, house warming kind of combined party for the family and some close friends of theirs. So it was a great moment to meet my all uncles and aunts again after not having seen them for a while.

After everyone had assembled at the rendez vous point we were split up in two groups  and went for a cultural walk in the city where a guide would tell us a bit of the historical side of Oisterwijk. Well that guide of ours actually did a lot of talking, but unfortunately most of it was about himself and how well he could talk … Lucky for me both Stevie and my sister were in my group and so were the nieces so we had a nice walk altogether anyway.

When the tour of the town was finished we all came back at the place we started from and had a lovely buffet which was very well prepared. And in between courses we had the opportunity to talk to the family and others a bit.

Tomorrow morning I’ll have a rather early start because the day will begin with watching the Formula One race of China which will begin at seven a clock and in the afternoon I’m going over to my sister and Stevie with whom I’ll be having a movie data later on.

I’m off to bed now and will see if I can get rid of the headache which returned a bit again when I left for home an hour ago. Good night folks!

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