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Played it right

Last night we have been playing snooker at Jaap’s house and I tell you, it had been a long time since I’ve played snooker in such a calm and relaxing environment. Absolute bliss.

When Eric, the manager of our snooker centre in Nijmegen, mentioned that he was planning on removing yet another snooker table to make room for even more dart lanes (after all, that’s what snooker halls do I presume …) Jaap made him a deal and bought that table.

So now that the construction at his home was finished Jaap had the table set up and last night was the first time Bas and I could go play there. I tell you it’s a boy’s dream to have a billiards or pool table of your own at home, but a snooker table is even more special. Just the sheer size of one makes the number of people who can actually place one very limited. And now our Jaap is one of them.

So we played our frames just like it was a normal Tuesday night (I mean with all flukes, lucky pots and lots of fun as usual :-), accept for the marvelous peace and quiet we could do it in now. This is simply how snooker is supposed to be played, absolutely marvelous.

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