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Bad mojo

Bas said it right: there’s an omen on having race weekends here in Katwijk. Maybe a curse even. Pretty soon we’ll have to think up a name for it. The curse of … Hey, who said Black Pearl?

Anyway, so far it’s cost us defective graphics cards, hard disk crashes resulting in total reinstallations and days of data recovery and now it’s my turn; my system has gone down. Somehow something snuck in and messed up my XP installation in such a way that it’s no longer a challenge finding what’s wrong, but more a question of who brakes first: me or the seal on my XP CD for the reinstallation. I’m already past the point of having fun.

We started out okay with our weekend and actually did some gaming until, while playing IL2 Sturmovik, my machine started to hick up every now and then and got slower by the minute. When I returned to XP it had already opened around 35 Internet Explorer windows and was opening more and more. That was odd by itself since I’m a loyal Firefox user.

There was also some fake ‘you are infected, click here to solve this’ warning blinking in my systray and another pop-up telling me the same message was on my screen. Next to these two icons had mysteriously found their way to my desktop and no matter what I did to them they would reappear in an instant.

Right now I’m having another scan with a program that’s supposed to be able to fix it but I’m not that convinced it will. It’s the 4th that’s scanning the entire PC and so far all have found so called infected files (each program found different ones) but haven’t solved my initial problem.

I’m going to bed now, the scan will continue itself tonight and we’ll see what tomorrow will bring.

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