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One less tooth

Forgive me for not knowing the exact term in English but I’ve just been released from a broken molar. It is (or was actually) one of the last in the row on the bottom left and now it’s gone. I won’t miss it though.

It broke last Friday when eating something silly like a piece of bread and at first the pain was killing me. Luckily for me I’m a bit of a walking drugstore lately so with the correct mixture of a few powders the initial pain was killed quick enough. But by then I realized this wasn’t something that was going to go away by itself.

The surprisingly friendly dentist (yes, apparently they do exist) took care of it moments ago and right now I’m feeling nothing at all because of the sedation. Ah, lovely feeling. Pain can be very tiresome to walk around with. So in a way, because of the numbness which is not hat comfortable, I’m hoping that it’ll last for a while before wearing off. :-)

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