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Trilogy (all 4 parts)

Yeah yeah, I can hear your mind crackling all the way over here: I know, a trilogy (almost) always consists of 3 parts, hence the fitting name. Unless of course that trilogy happens to be the Matrix adventure, extended with (or mixed in actually) the additional 9 short stories on the Animatrix DVD. :-)

So yesterday afternoon my new year started with this 4 part trilogy and it just never lets me down. I’m fairly sure I’m (still) missing certain aspects of this great feature (I always keep getting a bit lost during the architect’s speech for example :-) but it’s a blast to watch nonetheless. Even though its eight hours of playing time is a pretty long run for me.

To be honest I could do with a bit of rest though, my right arm still doesn’t feel all that great and neither does my shoulder and upper back. And I know, doing that three hour race on the Nordschleife last Saturday doesn’t help the situation but that too was absolutely fantastic. Due to me missing out on the qualifying hour meant that I started second last at twenty fifth position, but three hours later I finished in ninth place so not too bad a result.

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