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Doctor visit

Ok, so I gave in and (in some people’s minds: finally) visited the doctor to ask him what could be done about me feeling so thrashed, just about all of the time lately.

I mean I sleep okay and usually long enough but I just don’t seem to rest all that much while doing so. This results in me occasionally, though more often lately, having big trouble staying awake and keeping my focus when I’m around halfway through the day. This continues until the evening and when I’m at home I can fall asleep just about any time. While I’m standing in the kitchen, behind my computer, etc. When I go to bed I sleep quickly and throughout the night so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Doctor sent me to a blood clinic to get a blood test and they took 7 tubes from me to do various testing on all sorts of things that could cause tiredness on my end. I can call them on Thursday for the results. Let’s hope they can find anything wrong with me so we can start working on a way back to the old me.

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