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Chef kook

It had been a little while since I visited the family in Wageningen but last night was ever so lovely. First of all I was greeted at the door by Eva wearing her chef kook costume. A neat little apron and a very convincing looking kook’s hat ruled out all need for guessing: chef at work! And she looked so cool! Gordon Ramsey eat your heart out dude, my niece is knocking on your door! :-)

Sofie wasn’t in a very playful mood so I didn’t push my luck and refrained to just handing a few little building blocks back to her whenever she knocked it out of reach. It seemed to work fine for both parties, or at least until she was fed up with that too. I can imagine the little one wanting to mentally do a lot more than she’s physically capable of yet so the waiting must be a bit frustrating I guess. She’ll grow over it I’m sure. ;-)

We had a very nice, nice semi-healthy, diner and watched Pathfinder, a semi-nice movie (our medium to high hopes didn’t come true :-), to conclude the day. All in all it was a very nice evening.

Then it was time to leave and while following the familiar road home I drove passed a bus stop where an actual cowboy was standing, waiting for … who knows. A complete picture, jeans, the leather boots, vest, hat, all was there. All he was missing was a horse and a desert. :-)

Before I go on you need to know two things at this point. One is that this weekend carnival is held in our country which (to me) means nothing more than dressing up as someone else and getting drunk. I’m fairly sure (or at least one would hope) that there is more to it than that but, and that’s the second thing you should know, I just don’t care much about these things. They just pass by and the only way I know about them is from people at work talking about it before, and the same ones looking thrashed days after.

So when I drove home and saw that cowboy standing at the bus stop, carnival wasn’t the first thing on my mind but rather headlines like ‘Cowboy robs city bus Dick Turpin style’. It took me several hundreds of meters to piece two and two together. So odd when you see something at a place where you don’t expect it to be, it just makes no sense.

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