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Hardware failure (again)

Better not get too close to me because I think I’m attracting trouble somehow. While I was pretty happy with my new phone and installing all sorts of tools and other software to be better able to manage it and play with it, the old data had to be transferred from my previous phone; the Nokia 6230.

Since Nokia and Sony aren’t exactly all that compatible in phones and used software I had to get my old stuff, mainly text messages and phonebook, across some other, alternative way. The easiest way, I thought, would be to use Bluetooth since that’s pretty universal and both parties their software would support it.

The USB Bluetooth dongle dad gave to me for the time being had software coming with it for XP, but I first tried getting it to work on Vista and the server. Both worked but not all that great so I fired up my gaming rig which still runs XP to try it on there.

Unfortunately as soon as I placed the USB stick in the machine it froze and that was the last thing it did. Its graphics card seems completely dead and without it there’s no telling what else might have been affected or even destroyed.

I must have done something very bad in a (or more) previous live(s) to deserve some bad luck in this one (fair enough I guess) but this is simply ridiculous. The amount of trouble my PC has faced over the past few months is just unbelievable. I guess all the software troubles were just some form of getting a message across and when I didn’t listen they tried something a bit more drastic …

I just don’t have the energy or the motivation to find out what’s wrong right now but I’ll dive into it tomorrow. It’s … oh, never mind …

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