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New gadget: Sony Ericsson K850i

Good morning people!

Well I’ve finally been able to pick up my new phone from the post office (or at least what they call a post office these days) but it’s been well worth the wait.

And what a wait it was! As you know, the postal service first brought the package by last Tuesday but, since I obviously was at work, no one was home to accept it. So they left a note saying they would be back the day after and try again.

And what a surprise, when they returned on Wednesday I was … again at work. They left me another note and this time it said I could pick up the package after one o clock the next businessday. Ok, so Thursday it is then.

Or not, as it turned out, since I was all of a sudden having a very important meeting scheduled in that Thursday evening so … Friday would be the day I could get my hands on my new phone.

And that promise to myself held up all the way until I went to bed at ten o clock. Unfortunately it shattered to pieces about ten minutes later when a colleague called and asked me if I could replace him at his late shift on Friday. Helping out is more important than a gadget most of the time so I agreed and that moved the whole project one more day forward.

But this morning nothing got in my way to collect it. I’ve been playing with it a few hours now and it’s quite a lot nicer than I expected it to be, does all I hoped it would and lots, lots more.

I love this thing!

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