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As you all probably know I’m the (almost) new owner of an absolutely beautiful Volvo P121 ‘Amazon’. So yesterday evening I was lurking around on the net a bit, looking for all sorts of information I could find about that car. Dad had kind of made it clear that he figured that I needed to know a more about that car than I do, now that I’ll have one pretty soon again, and I’m an easy going guy so … I started reading.

While doing so I first found all sorts of cool but loose fragments of information but then stumbled onto a large group of links all pointing to one website. It were a lot of links to books and even DVD’s from what I understood from the Google search results so I was really exited. Even more so because it seemed I had found a website specifically for my model car: http://www.amazon.com. I mean, how cool is that?

Before I continue I feel I should explain something. My favored browser is Firefox and mainly because they understood from the very beginning how tabbed browsing should work. My usual action is that I start a search by asking my good friend Google his opinion on something and they center-click all found links so they open in separate tabs. And when the tab bar fills up a bit I start reading the found pages and keep the ones I like.

So when I had filled my bar with the pages I wanted to read I switched to the first tab and looked at what I had found. It took me about three to four seconds to realize that I have been fooled big time. It’s a good thing I didn’t do this in public because these are the typical things you’ll then be reminded of at birthday parties, social get-togethers and other meetings.

As you may have figured out on your own by now, the website I found is the worlds largest webshop: Amazon.com. And yes, they have books, CD’s, DVD’s and lots more. And possibly even some material on my Volvo, but I didn’t bother checking yet.

Only one word sums up the moment nicely: ‘Doh!’ (originally by Homer Simpson ;-) Man I felt silly. They say love makes blind but this blind!? Come on!

Anyway, you may laugh now if you want and I might even join in. :-)

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