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My my. Yesterday evening when I had that Amazon ‘issue’ I though I was just getting old and that it was part of that process. But today during lunch I experienced something that made me feel even older. A lot even.

Somehow my colleagues and me came to talk about old TV shows and how they were re-run every now and then. Marco and I started naming a few, having fun with the memories that came back when hearing those names. Titles like ‘The Man from Uncle’, ‘Mission Impossible’, ‘Shaft’, ‘Starsky and Hutch’ and even ‘The Thunderbirds’ passed by before we came to ‘Kojak’.

Upon mentioning Kojak, my younger colleague across the table from me looked at me, raising his shoulders. ‘Who?’ he asked. ‘Kojak. You know, good ol’ Telly. Bald guy, lollipop, cool punch lines, chasing bad guys all over the US. Kojak!’ ‘He honestly had never heard of that name. I even showed him the guy on Wiki when we came back, but that still didn’t ring a bell.

As it turns out the series were aired until nineteen seventy eight, he was born in eighty two, and somehow missed it all together. It’s little discussions like these that make you feel old. He said he’s not that young because he is twenty five now, but us ‘old people’ can remember what we did twenty five years ago.

Sigh …

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