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Life, the universe and everything

Yesterday I spend a wonderful evening at mom’s place. I went over there straight from work and because of my work schedule being slightly different than planned (but still in my favor) I had roughly an hour to myself before she came home from her work. This may sound like wasted time but I actually love doing some thinking about all kinds of stuff at moments like these. It’s almost as if I need them from time to time.

The silly thing is that I rarely take such a period of time to do some actual thinking. I’m usually just living out my life and when I get out of the car I can’t wait to mess with Zippo a bit and get behind the computer reading up on whatever it was that I missed that day.

When in a few weeks time I’ll be driving to and from work in about half an hour total, I’ll start using the extra time for some self reflection and other thinking too. Should be a good experience to do so I reckon.

Anyway, when she arrived we had the evening to ourselves because Hans had some meeting from work he was attending and would be home fairly late in the evening. So mom and I had all the time to look at her computer and talk about … well, life actually.

It was so very nice, a very nice way to spend an evening among family, as I’m sure the lot of you will recognize.

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