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And that was it

It’s done. I’ve now officially left the Philips building for the last time and that was tough. Very tough. It’s a good thing that when Barbara and I were walking to the car we had a small rain/snow blizzard thingy going on because that masqueraded a tear or two in the corner of my eye. God I’m going to miss this place so much and her possibly even more. It’s still kind of strange to leave this place now after working here for all these years.

This morning Peter and I went across the street to get the cakes. I decided that considering the balance of number of people that were invited and the number of them usually actually showing up, the four of them should do nicely. And they did. :-)

After setting up everything at the coffee corner I had to wait for about five minutes before the first people showed up. These five minutes seemed a life time and I can truly say that I haven’t been this nervous for any event in my life. The thing is that I knew exactly what was going to happen: people would come by and thank me for the years, wish me well and then move on for the next in line. The problem with this is that I’m just so incredibly bad at taking in compliments and thanks like these. All I ever did was my job, and of course the fact that I like it so d*mn much didn’t make it any harder to do it right.

Next it was time for the official part of the goodbye and our manager presented me with something that left me speechless. As it turned out my invitation email with all the stats I put in there had given them an idea. So what they did in return was calculate some more detailed stats over the period that I had been working at Philips and translated that into a nice certificate.

It said the following:

With a total number of phone calls of 11.120 which on average have been answered within 11 seconds and on average lasted 3:23, it’s great to log a total of 13.194 incident tickets and solving 72.69% of them immediately.

It blew me away to be honest and although I usually have a snappy answer ready, this one left me searching for words. A simple ‘wow’ was all I managed to get from my lips but inside all came crashing down. It’s a good thing someone else started talking or there may have been a painfully long silence at the coffee table.

After a few more folks came by and we wrapped it all up I returned to my desk to find another few emails of people who couldn’t make it but wished me all the best for the future. I backed up my entire Outlook and Notes mailfiles, sent them home via FTP and then it was time to go home, for the last time from Best.

They are a good bunch of folks over there and I’ll truly miss them. A lot. Take care guys, keep up the good work!

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