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Who wants the IFO?

As you may know, the IFO was part of the contract I had with my former employer and had to be returned this week. Or at least before the 31st but since I’m working that day it meant the car was due today at the latest.

In a letter I received I was told to return it to the nearest ING service point which in my case was Eindhoven and I had chartered Bas to follow me over there in the IFO while I lead the way in the Volvo. This way we could hand over the car and drive back home.

When we got there the guy behind the counter said that he’d love to have the IFO but that the car in fact wasn’t an ING car. It belonged to a completely different leasing company. As it turned out ING is a sole supplier for when it comes to delivering lease automobiles to Brunel but since I was working for them on a project contract I never got a ‘real’ lease but a fitting project car. And those were supplied by Wagenplan, another leasing company. Nearest one for me: Oss, about half way the distance of Eindhoven. Having to return it there meant we had traveled to Eindhoven in vain this morning …

But the guy at ING then phoned someone at Wagenplan, explained the situation and arranged it so we could leave the car in his hands and that Wagenplan would pick up the IFO at ING in Eindhoven. Great service, a man after my heart.

After inspecting the car and filling out the paper works we could leave for home. When we were almost at the freeway I remembered there was a historic war museum in Best where I had wanted to take Bas for some time so I drove over there to show him. Upon arrival we noticed that there wasn’t much left. Just a few tanks at the entrance and a lot of piles of sand were lying around, as it they were rebuilding the place.

There was no gate so we drove onto the premises to have a quick peak around, mainly to find out if there was anything left of the museum at all. So we passed a few hangars and it became clear to us that it had been a military complex before it was turned into a museum. Then we passed another corner and were looking at two fighter jets, at touching distance just sitting there outside a hangar. I snapped a few pictures of them and we moved along to find another two aircraft which resembled old Dakota’s or something similar to that model.

Since we knew that we were probably not supposed to be there we left the compound the same way we got in and were stared at by a few working men who we didn’t spot on our way in. They seemed fairly surprised to see that old Volvo stroll off the area but we left before they could do or say anything.

All in all a nice morning full of surprises. :-)

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