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Happy birthday Eva!!

Three years old and counting. My little, but ever growing, niece Eva is three years old today and I went over there to join the party. When I came in however it seemed I was a bit early because the children’s party was still going on. Goodness me what a ruckus! Stevie later told me there were only three horns amongst the kids but it sounded like what a big busy river must sound like in the fog: horns were sounded almost continuously and I realized that for me this was a bit too much and too early.

The reason why I was there so early was that this was my first trip over there in my Volvo and I simply had misjudged the time it would take me to get over there. In the end it didn’t make all that much of a difference in comparison to my average IFO times. Sure, when stepping on the throttle in the IFO I could go much faster but on a normal drive over there the Volvo was around five minutes slower. Not too bad for a forty two year old car, eh?

So to give my head some rest I watched the party from the side a bit and noticed how Stevie managed to stay alive amongst all these kids running and moving about. Kudos to him for surviving, well done bro; respect! ;-)

About an hour and a half later most kids were gone and the usual calmness returned over the place. Good timing too because I felt a headache coming up that would have ruined my day completely and I had forgotten to bring aspirins with me. I rarely leave the house without them but sometimes do forget. And those are of course the days when you need them most. Figures.

Anyway it didn’t come so I could enjoy talking to Eva a bit while she was having a piece of birthday cake together with one of her best friends who is one year older than she is. Her friend is a rather shy and very silent girl but the way she and Eva get along speaks books to me. It’s a joy to see them having fun and amazing how little that one year difference seems to bother either one of them. They get along just fine. Amazing.

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  1. stevie
    Apr 8, 2008 at 18:45

    Thx bro, It was great to have you…on behalf of the whole family a very big hug for Uncle Biek :)

  2. Apr 9, 2008 at 0:16

    The pleasure was all mine brother, I had a wonderful day being amongst you all.

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