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I’m a little disappointed to be honest. Seems my trusty old Volvo isn’t all that watertight I had hoped it to be. As some of you may know, my first Amazon wasn’t all that great and one of the main problems with it was that whenever it rained, water would pour in over the dashboard and onto the floor of  the car.

You can imagine my surprise yesterday, when I was proudly showing the car to my sister and Stevie, when I found water on the back seat and, not unlike my previous Amazon, water coming in at the front. I can only hope that I managed to keep somewhat of a straight face but inside I was boiling so much, the water would have evaporated in an instant had I gone into the car.

Boy was I angry. And not even at someone in particular but just that helpless feeling of not being in control of anything that I own lately. No matter what, everything seems to break down around me for some stupid reason.

While we drove to the Chinese restaurant to get food, I assured my sister that there was nothing to worry about and that dad and I would fix this too but deep inside I was really disappointed at the water being there in the first place. Sure, dad and I will fix it. But the point is that we shouldn’t need to. I guess he never noticed since the Volvo has always been inside at his place.

Maybe these older cars shouldn’t be used for daily use after all, I don’t know. Let’s hope this is the last of the surprises for a while, I could really use some peace of mind now.

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