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Off road challenge

Off road challenge

My first week at Quipment is off to a good start folks, believe me. Today we had a so called customer day, Q for You, which meant the company had rented some 4×4 event terrain where the customers would be able to participate in a couple of challenges. Apart from the events that took place, this was an excellent opportunity for me to get to know a few faces amongst the people I’m supporting; our clients.

The customers were divided into three groups; red, yellow and blue. Erik and I would lead the red group around on the terrain and make sure they would be at their scheduled events in time. Because of the way the terrain was located the organization had made a few changes in our base schedule so our group was divided again into two. This meant that I found myself running around with a group of my own on my third day at work. Cool huh?

As usual at days like these, the atmosphere is cozy and everyone has a nice time. The weather was playing tricks on us, however, and looking back on today I’m amazed how we managed to avoid most of the rain that fell. You have to imagine that we were outside just about the entire day and let’s be honest; today wasn’t all that great weather wise.

My group first started with buggy’s that we were supposed to drive around a concrete path. Two laps each and the person who managed to do the most consistent two laps would win. I wasn’t going to join in at first but since one of my group wasn’t all too keen to get into those buggy’s I took his place and drove a perfect score: two laps of forty eight seconds each. We were told that personnel weren’t going to be awarded any prices but it was still nice to know I won. ;-)

Then we were due at the 4×4’s in the shape of four of those small Suzuki jeeps. A trial course was set out and we were explained how to score points; don’t hit anything but the ground. No trees, no poles, just drive and do it with some thought.

To be honest, it looked like fun. I was outside however because with our groups being split at the last minute our photographer had no way of being everywhere to shoot pictures and so I did what I could with the K850 to help out. And as it turned out I made a few nice shots.

Next up was the actual speech by our bosses about what the company’s plans for the future are and what was coming in terms of new services and improvements. I also got a brief introduction which was kind of nice.

Final stage before we would all eat a bit was a quad course. You know those semi big wheeled trikes? Same thing, only with four wheels. After a few laps of getting to know those things a few people got a bit too confident and more or less crashed out on a few occasions. No one got hurt of injured, they were just grownups acting like kids and having a lot of fun. :-)

After this we walked back to the main building and I accompanied an older fellow. Turned out he had been driving trucks all his life and was still amazed what new gadgets ‘those youngsters’ could come up with. I asked him how old he guessed they were and he replied by asking me how old I guessed him. I politely answered that I’m very bad at guessing ages to which he notified me that he was born in nineteen thirty. That surprised me a lot, the guy wasn’t looking any older than, say, sixty or somewhere around that age. Amazing how people can get old sometimes.

At the end of the evening we were setting up the goody bags at the entrance so we could hand them over to anyone leaving. That hallway was so freaking cold that even now, when I’m home, I’m still shaking a bit. I’m usually pretty good at handling colds but this was a bit too much for my taste. So I’m going to take a long hot shower and then head for bed.

Good night all.

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