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All good things come to an end

I guess some things are supposed to happen to everybody once, no matter how sharp you are. This morning I was driving to work and had already made a mental note to stop for gas on the way home. My fuel level ‘seemed’ to be passing the last fifteen percent level mark and fuel is one of those things you simply want to get more of before you run out.

To my surprise, however, my fuel supply didn’t even last me all the way to work but ran out about half way to it. It’s like when you oversleep and wake up: you immediately know something is wrong. So at the first hiccup my Volvo produced, I already knew I wasn’t going to get to work in a normal time frame.

First I tried phoning Bas who I hoped was either going to work later or not at all. But I couldn’t reach him so I phoned dad whom I also couldn’t reach. At that point I started walking to the nearest gas station while sticking my thumb up to hopefully get a ride over there.

A guy in a Ford pulled over and did not only get me to a gas station but also drove me all the way back to my Volvo. There is still good in this world folks, no matter what they say. With the five liters of fuel that fit in the jerry can I could get to work and was, considering the circumstances, a mere one hour late.

My work may now be only an fifteen minute drive but once the ‘drive’ part fails to happen and you’re back to walking it’s a multi-hour operation to get to work. I made another mental note: never let this happen again …

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