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OKR 2008

OKR stands for Oranje Klassier Rit which is an annual cruise for classic cars on Queens day here in Holland. This year was the first time I joined in and also my first classic car cruise with my Volvo since I’ve got her so in more than one ways this was a special day.

And that special day almost didn’t even happen for us, as the weather Gods meant they had to do some playing up there and spoil our fun. The forecast for this week was: Monday sixty percent chance of rain, Tuesday had fifty percent chance and Wednesday, the day of the cruise, had a whopping seventy percent.

Dad and Margot, who Bas and I initially were going to be joining on this day, pulled out because of this nasty weather forecast but we decided to just wait and see what would happen on the day of the cruise. And what happened was one of the best days over the past few weeks.

When I woke up I could see blue skies and the sun braking through, which was of course a good sign, but the closer time moved to the moment where I had to leave and pick up Bas the worse the weather looked. It got dark and small drops of rain were already falling from the sky. When I walked to the car it had already began raining a little harder so I thought I’d just drive over to Bas and see what we’d do with the day. We had made alternative plans in case the rain would come through and spoil our drive.

But after this small rain shower the sky cleared up and started to look great again. While we were driving to the starting point of the cruise the weather became better and better. Upon arrival there it was a sunny day and we walked around in our t-shirts. It’s amazing how fast things can turn around.

We did a bit of a detour while getting there and could barely get our starting number and description before the lot went on their way. After the first couple of miles my Volvo started to make a weary noise so we stopped to check it out. It didn’t sound too harmful but you never know, do you? It turned out to be a slightly moved rubber ring so we continued.

Due to this pit stop we completely lost the connection with the group so now Bas got in his element on reading the cryptic route description. He did an absolute marvelous job and we proceeded so nicely that we caught up with the group a lot sooner than we had hoped. Over the entire day we saw a few specific cars numerous times because of their inability to read the route as good as Bas could. We had lots of fun at their expense.

The trip finished at one of the best locations I’ve ever been to with one of these classic car events: a small pool of water with a music chapel in the middle where a jazz band was live playing very nice music. We had a drink and a last look around at all the cars and then went home again.

All in all it was a long but very nice day and we should definitely do this again. Soon. :-)

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