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Long weekendends

Boy this long weekend was all but fun due to a persistent headache that was torturing me day in, day out. It started Thursday afternoon already but then still seemed like a ‘normal’ headache that would go away later on, like it usually does. And at first it seemed it would.

Friday morning, however, it was back and didn’t feel like leaving anymore. I went to work as usual but there it just got more severe and after eating up just about the entire stock of aspirins I went home early to give it a chance on leaving. Again, it didn’t. So that meant I had to cancel my date with mom and Hans for the evening.

The on Saturday morning it was as good as gone so I was pretty happy that it had only lasted roughly one long day. Unfortunately it wasn’t gone for long and started to come back again quite rapidly. As a precaution I phoned up my sister and excused myself for their party that night because with my headache I would be no fun to have around plus that the prospect of loud-ish music wasn’t the best at that moment.

As soon as I closed the shop I went to bed with a cold and wet towel wrapped around my head after having taken in a few aspirins again. This worked quite well actually and when I woke up again at around nine thirty I felt pretty good. So I took a cool shower and head over to my sis and bro’s to catch a glimpse of their party. It was nice to see them again, even though the returning headache cut that visit a little short again.

They said that if I felt good enough I could come around for a bbq the next day, a date I had to cancel too because on Sunday my head was thumping like before. It was a bit of a strange headache, by the way, constantly on the front right side of my head while usually it’s more like a bond around my head and going down my neck and spine. Odd.

After sleeping most of the Sunday away in my (thankfully completely darkened) bedroom I finally lost most of the headache and it was reduced to a slight lurking in the background one.

Monday morning it was completely gone but the date I had planned for that day still couldn’t go through. We had planned on joining another classic tour drive but dad cancelled out and since Bas had already let me know that he couldn’t make it there was no one left to take with me so that wasn’t going to be much fun going alone anyway.

And to top the weekend off I crashed out terribly during the GPRT sim race we had yesterday, messing up that evening as well. I guess I’m not that good at having long weekends …

So … how was yours? ;-)

  1. Stevie
    May 16, 2008 at 8:44

    Hopefully those weekends stay away for a while now…hope to see you soon ;)

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