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Aziz, light! / Battery Aziz!

Scenes from two movies I like summed up my thoughts when I turned the ignition key of my Volvo about an hour ago. First the Fifth Element, followed closely by True Lies. And in both cases poor Aziz got the blame … ;-)

It’s exactly like waking up, instantly knowing that you overslept. It’s either too bright outside or you feel too rested, things like that. At moments like that you don’t even need to look at the alarm clock to see what time it is: it’s just too late.

So when I turned the key and none of the two lights on my dash came on, deep down inside of me I already knew that it meant trouble. Still I turned the ignition key and the silence that stayed was the final proof that something was up. The battery was empty to its last spark.

A few hours earlier Stevie and I had gone out to get some Chinese food and even though I have this ritual of pushing all knobs into the dash whenever I park the Volvo anywhere, I must have been distracted by the conversation and simply forgot to switch off the lights. Sometime later they obviously switched off themselves ‘automatically’ …

I rushed out of the car and saw the bathroom light still on inside Stevie’s house so the moment it turned off I knocked on the glass and he came out. I explained the situation and he got the keys to their Honda and turned it around facing the Volvo so I could hook their batteries up. With that power at hand starting the Volvo was a piece of cake and I could go on my way home.

That was the second time I had let a certain important matter go empty on me with the Volvo. First the gas and now the power.

Make note to self: stay sharp!

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  1. Van Damme
    Jul 1, 2008 at 15:56


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